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More consumers spend time watching website videos of products and business opportunities than ever before. This has made YouTube marketing services one of the most effective tools in the online world today for creating brand awareness and visibility. The reality that videos can say more in 30 seconds than written content has made it possible for advertising to become even more engaging and attractive with emotional visual effects and sounds.

BluMedia is a YouTube marketing agency that can use your brand message to entice consumers and keep them excited about your product and services. We help companies around the world create a video advertising strategy that edges out their competitors and reaches the public on a visual level that is memorable and easy to understand. You earn brand recognition faster which increases organic traffic to your website with numerous customizable options to enhance your video advertisements.

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Why Companies Should Use YouTube Marketing Services

As of 2019, YouTube had over a billion daily users, making it one of the top video platform sites globally. This translates into a massive audience for your company to utilize video advertising toward large scale business gains and profits. Our YouTube marketing agency teaches you how to target specific demographics within this large consumer base so your strategy is effective from the start.

Key features in our YouTube video advertising toolbox include:

YouTube Advertising Services Work With Your Google Campaigns

One of the top features YouTube video marketing offers is the fact it’s owned by Google. This allows all of your advertisements to still go through the Google Adword service even though your video is on the massive video sharing network.

You Decide If Your YouTube Ad Videos Are Skippable

Sometimes you don’t want your customers to get burnt out on seeing your ad five times during a viewing session. Giving them the power to skip past it is another option to consider when working with BluMedia’s YouTube marketing services. You also will enjoy how budget-friendly these are since you don’t pay a dime if the viewer skips within the first 30 seconds of play time.

Increase Your Mobile Viewing Reach with Shorter YouTube Bumper Ads

Non-skippable and no longer than six seconds long, bumper ads are an ingenious YouTube advertising tool that caters to mobile viewing audiences. BluMedia takes advantage of the budget-friendly cost per thousand impressions for this marketing style so that you don’t waste precious advertising dollars.

Take Advantage of YouTube Display Ads

Another important feature used by our YouTube advertising agency is Display Ads. These allow us to utilize paid visual advertisements above a video’s suggestion list. BluMedia uses AdWords to expand your reach through this marketing tool to increase positive campaign results.

Keep Your Brand Visible With YouTube Banner Ads

Online video sharing sites like YouTube make it possible for companies to use banner (overlay) ads. These show continuously along the bottom display area of a playing video and take potential customers straight to your site with a simple click.

Pop-up CTA Cards For Your Target Audience

Call-to-action links are a critical piece not only on your company website, but when using YouTube marketing services to engage your viewers. During key points in a video that best relates to your brand or services, a CTA pops up into view that can easily be expanded if clicked upon. This shares basic product or company information and can offer a hyperlink directly to your site or shopping page.

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Why Choose BluMedia for YouTube Advertising Services

YouTube requires channel subscribers and viewers to share your brand message and generate more traffic to your site. Outside of ad services, BluMedia acts as your YouTube advertising agency by relying on additional marketing tools to further promote your company.

Some of these include:

Strategic Keyword Use

Like every other advertising strategy, keywords are a must when forming an effective YouTube ad campaign. We take the time to do the right research so all keywords will maximize your online digital marketing experience and increase demand for your products and/or services.

Thorough Competitor Analysis

BluMedia does a competitor analysis at the beginning of your YouTube advertising services request to understand market trends and how other companies in your industry are bringing in new business. We make sure we learn everything about their company from weaknesses to goals so you have an effective online video ad experience.

BluMedia Understands Market Trends

It’s important that you not only work with a YouTube advertising agency that understands how to leverage powerful online marketing tools, but also provides in-depth marketing research for your company. BluMedia values every member of your audience as a customer, and we help you to achieve goals by creating engaging ads and media to make your brand visible.

Meta Tag Optimization

YouTube videos rely on meta tags to bring in more views and ad interaction using related keywords and phrases. BluMedia includes this important step in our YouTube marketing services to ensure you get the best traffic possible for your channel and business site.

BluMedia Uses Innovative Strategies for YouTube Advertising

Day to day trending news and events can greatly affect the relevance of your YouTube campaign. Our experienced team of professional marketers are available to innovate on demand to keep your content and ads relevant to the audience you are engaging.

YouTube Ad Copy Testing and Creation

Before putting your customized video campaign ads to work, we test your ad copies and ensure they meet your needs. Ad copies make it possible for you to know ahead of time what your ad will look like and let you experience its engagement like a viewer would.

Reliable Weekly Reporting

Once your YouTube marketing services are put in action with a new ad campaign, banner, or other available advertising strategy, we perform weekly reporting on its progress. Every week we will give you a detailed analysis of effectiveness and recommend any changes if needed.

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Trust BluMedia Marketing For Your YouTube Advertising Campaign

BluMedia Marketing helps your brand get the best positioning possible with our digital marketing services. All areas of your company’s vision and message, as well as goals, will be incorporated into your YouTube ad vision so that viewers are engaged. We show you how our digital marketers use current market trends, competitor analysis, and optimization to create a campaign that benefits your company.

We manage your YouTube advertising goals by

  • Create engaging content that attracts your target audience
  • Partner with influencers to create a larger community for your brand
  • Thoroughly research your targeted audience and market trends
  • Offer the flexibility to optimize your ad before and during the campaign and adjust as needed

With BluMedia as your YouTube marketing agency, you will experience a true partnership that recognizes your company as a partner and not just traffic statistics and ad clicks. Your brand has a message and vision that you want to share with the world. BluMedia has years of experience building successful marketing strategies using YouTube advertising tools. We can maximize your presence no matter how big or small your company.

We are offering a complimentary 30-Minutes consultation for your business to connect with us and discuss your brand and advertising goals. Contact us today at our Pasadena, California office, online, or over the phone to find out how partnering with us can increase your market engagement through YouTube advertising.

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Our Clients Simply Love Our Work

5 Start Review

Josh at BluMedia exceeded my expectations. He was highly responsive, delivered top-notch ads, and truly cared about the success of my business. Despite being in different countries, I always felt like I had full access to him. His communication was professional yet friendly, and the level of support, customer service, and care was outstanding. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend working with Josh and the team at BluMedia.

Fixe Beuty CEO
Fixe Beauty
CEO & Founder
5 Start Review

BluMedia is amazing! They delivered impressive results for two of our projects, handling deadlines with ease and communicating effectively. Their work on our logos was particularly noteworthy. I'm so pleased with their services that I'll definitely be referring them to others.

Southwest Solar OP
Southwest Solar
Operations Menager
5 Start Review

Listens to the needs of his client and patient and knowledgeable. I liked the company so much I referred him someone else immediately. A wealth of knowledge!!!! Ethical and expert and professional.

Laurey Bennett levvi CEO
Laurey Bennett Levi
CEO & Founder
5 Start Review

Josh and his team have worked with us for over 2 years and addedeffective strategies to our social media outreach. They are so easy to work with. We will continue to seek their help on our projects!

Hospital CEO
St. Vincent Hospital
Director Of Outreach and Marketing
5 Start Review

Josh was very thorough while walking through his strategy and provided some great suggestions. He was also quick to communicate and had a great understanding of the project!

Avatar CEO Coca Cola
Amy Goldberg
Drone Training Company
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