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Professional SEO Services for the Long Term

The introduction of SEO marketing to the online business world has come with new challenges for companies trying to stay in front of their customers. Maintaining updated websites, ad campaigns, and adjusting marketing initiatives to keep up with changing trends can be time-consuming. Still, these are critical steps to keep relevant in the eyes of consumers and BluMedia is here to help you every step of the way.

Our SEO expertise will do more than help you develop strategies to keep your brand visible, but also educate you about the entire process. From learning how to make your site rank in search engine results to leveraging keywords in ad campaigns, you will become empowered in how your digital marketing works for your benefit

Local SEO

Learn how Local Search Engine Optimization can help your business generate quality visitors to your website based on keywords on your website. This will generate conversions and phone calls to your business.

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International SEO

With International, Search Engine Optimization learn how we can help you generate visitors from all over the world and bring you conversions to your website.

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National SEO

With National, Search Engine Optimization learn how you can generate traffic from all over the United States or Country. With high-quality keywords and optimizations on your website, this is possible.

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How Our Professional SEO Marketing Agency Improves Your Business

Users enjoy getting answers at the touch of a button or spoken query thanks to intuitive search engines like Google. This stage allows companies to offer solutions, products, or authoritative advice in response.

If you still aren’t sure about how SEO affects online businesses, consider some of the following:

  • Client communication is vital in today’s marketplace and demands successful companies to invest in strategies that make them highly visible to their customer base.
  • People routinely depend on trustworthy information found from top ranked search results before ever calling their doctor.
  • SEO makes it possible to rise above the competition so potential leads will find your related services first.
  • You attract more visitors and influence their decision making process by ranking high in their regions.
  • Directly targeting specific customer pools with focused SEO strategy improves your overall visibility and brand reach when searched.
  • Services and products are more effectively marketed when using professional SEO services to bring more buyers to your website for purchases.

By providing relevant information and products through carefully developed SEO keyword strategies, you can bring your brand to the forefront and create a lasting customer relationship. BluMedia helps you create a comprehensive digital marketing plan that will help make this happen.

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Professional SEO Marketing Services Are Budget Friendly

Your company needs to reach thousands of consumers through cost-effective means. The beauty of SEO marketing services is the fact that you don’t have to spend a lot to have a positive return. From free social media accounts with key-word rich content to regular blog content that relates to your brand image or products, SEO can play a significant role for minimal expense. BluMedia has the expertise and strategy tools to maximize user engagement and keep them returning for more.

As a full-service SEO marketing agency, our clients rely on us to provide many different advertising options to increase their brand awareness and sales.

Professional SEO Marketing Services For Local Business

Local businesses receive an attractive boost when advertising on a local level. Bring more customers to your small town store or online start up with high ranking results thanks to our SEO services. We develop a campaign that encourages organic searches which engages the local community and makes them seek you out.

Use SEO Strategies on a National Stage

Businesses that aren’t dedicated to a specific region need strategies that bring in more customers online to increase brand visibility. National SEO services are effective for reaching vast populations and audiences to accomplish this by focusing on multiple cities and even states throughout your country.

Take Your SEO Marketing Global

Going global is the perfect solution for businesses that know no limits and plan to engage market audiences around the world. The internet is an endless pool of customers for your brand message to captivate, and BluMedia’s expert team digital marketing professionals will show you how to broaden your limits effectively.

Use SEO Marketing Strategies with WordPress

Online blogs are a necessity for many companies trying to share their vision and services to the public. WordPress is one of the top premier blogging marketplaces that boasts customizable themes, intuitive navigation tools, and thousands of interactive plugins. Our SEO marketing services include setting up, designing, and maintaining a lucrative WordPress blog.

Revitalize Your SEO Marketing Strategy with BluMedia

BluMedia makes it possible for your company to make the most out of your digital marketing initiatives. We bring decades of experience to the table through our team of SEO professionals and their skilled best practices which brings integrity to our work. Our firm offers a vast array of advertising services to complement your SEO goals, including:

Keyword Research And Determination

Keywords are strategic. Before assigning any of these to your content, we research what best relates to your products, how potential customers would likely search out your brand, and then begin the optimization process.

Thorough Competitor Analysis

BluMedia wants your brand and message to be heard above others in your industry. We always begin your SEO services by understanding your company and your competitors. We develop strategies and campaigns that put you at the top of the list and keep you in front of your customer base.

Optimization Of Internal And External Linking

Sites that have large numbers of internally linked pages can make search engine indexing take longer due to the complexity of crawling through it all. Our digital marketing team will help streamline your page structures and linking scheme to improve your site ranking and user navigation experience. We will also review and implement a strategy to improve your external links so you also improve your overall search presence. This is an ongoing process that we happily monitor and optimize as needed.

Site SEO Review And Auditing

Before any optimizing or digital marketing plans take place, BluMedia audits your site in its entirety. From user-friendliness to competitor analysis, we list down everything that works or not for your long term initiatives. This helps you get the best of our products and services to capture more conversions and sales while getting your brand visible.

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BluMedia Professional SEO Services Keep You On Track

As a forward-thinking company, our firm looks at your entire advertising plan so you get comprehensive results for your budget. We dedicate ourselves to a true partnership that not only helps businesses achieve their goals, but also educates them on how SEO impacts everything from sales to brand messaging success. Our team in Pasadena, California makes the entire process easy to understand, simple to implement, and saves your valuable time for other projects.

Our clients enjoy some of the following standard features and business practices when working with us:

  • Fully customizable service bundles to accommodate the individuality of your company
  • Strategization at all levels to create a clear path to success for your initiatives
  • Sharing of the how and why of our processes so there are no mysteries
  • We make it a priority to exceed client expectations
  • Experience working across all levels of industry and background models
  • Communication and planning time is always available with our team

Ready to learn how professional SEO services can take your business to the next level? BluMedia has a complimentary 30-Minute consultation for your business to connect with us and discuss your brand and advertising goals. Contact us today to find out how partnering with us can increase your market engagement through SEO.

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Our Clients Simply Love Our Work

5 Start Review

Josh at BluMedia exceeded my expectations. He was highly responsive, delivered top-notch ads, and truly cared about the success of my business. Despite being in different countries, I always felt like I had full access to him. His communication was professional yet friendly, and the level of support, customer service, and care was outstanding. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend working with Josh and the team at BluMedia.

Fixe Beuty CEO
Fixe Beauty
CEO & Founder
5 Start Review

BluMedia is amazing! They delivered impressive results for two of our projects, handling deadlines with ease and communicating effectively. Their work on our logos was particularly noteworthy. I'm so pleased with their services that I'll definitely be referring them to others.

Southwest Solar OP
Southwest Solar
Operations Menager
5 Start Review

Listens to the needs of his client and patient and knowledgeable. I liked the company so much I referred him someone else immediately. A wealth of knowledge!!!! Ethical and expert and professional.

Laurey Bennett levvi CEO
Laurey Bennett Levi
CEO & Founder
5 Start Review

Josh and his team have worked with us for over 2 years and addedeffective strategies to our social media outreach. They are so easy to work with. We will continue to seek their help on our projects!

Hospital CEO
St. Vincent Hospital
Director Of Outreach and Marketing
5 Start Review

Josh was very thorough while walking through his strategy and provided some great suggestions. He was also quick to communicate and had a great understanding of the project!

Avatar CEO Coca Cola
Amy Goldberg
Drone Training Company
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