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Here are some common questions about working with BluMedia Marketing

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Why BluMedia?

Why Choose BluMedia Instead Of Doing It All In-House?

Most importantly is it’s best to trust the professionals to manage and implement this aspect of your advertising. Your company needs to use its resources to focus on the core of your business. We also bring years of experience to the table that you may not have and need to better optimize your current digital marketing situation.

How Can I Get Started With Your Company?

BluMedia always offers a Free 30-Minute Consultation with our advertising professionals to better understand what your current marketing goals are and answer any questions you have regarding the process. We like our clients to be educated and fully informed before ever partnering with us.

How Long Does It Take To See Results? I Want The Most For My Money.

This really depends on what services and goals you are trying to achieve. We do not guarantee results for this reason. Businesses find success at different times and pace, but we have a strong client base that has proven success with our services.

Do You Use Long Term Contracts Or Offer Additional Options?

BluMedia is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers a variety of avenues for financing your service agreements. Since we don’t use pre-priced budgets, everything is customized to your needs. Our payment plans operate as retainer style, monthly, and even yearly for your convenience. It’s also possible for us to modify a payment plan into milestones (parts).

Do you work with clients in other states or countries?

Even though we are out of Pasadena, California, we work in the global market. No matter where you are, we are present throughout the process every step of the way.

Is there any type of refund or exchange option regarding your services?

Our contract outlines no refunds/exchanges with all of our services.

Do You Have Certification And Accreditation For Your Services?

Yes, we do!


What is SEO Exactly?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves every process used to make your website visible on the Internet, as well as converting incoming traffic into business.

Why Do I Need SEO?

Studies regarding online consumer habits demonstrate that nearly 90% of users will check a business or product review before making the decision to buy. SEO puts you out in front of this potential sales pool to improve your conversion to sales rate. It’s almost a guarantee your competition is staying ahead because of this digital marketing technique alone.

Is It Possible To Use SEO Services On A Stop and Start Basis?

SEO takes some time to pay off, so we recommend that you do not use marketing services intermittently. Halting ongoing SEO initiatives once your results are where you want them usually costs you earned boosts in the long run as optimization and changing market trends will continually affect your gains.

What Is A Normal Turn Around For Improved Ranking Performance?

There really isn’t a set time frame that you can expect to see the rewards of your digital marketing efforts. For many businesses, it is just a matter of a few months, but this still varies due to your market, current ranking metrics, and campaign initiatives.


What Does Pay-Per-Click Mean?

PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) is a digital marketing model that only requires you to pay a fee if it is clicked on. This is a very affordable and effective way to attract new traffic to your business site and grow your sales.

What Does Google Adwords Do For My Business?

Adwords is probably the most relied upon PPC tool globally. By allowing you to create custom ads that will pop up in Google’s search results, you can laser focus your brand message to your target audience without breaking your budget.

Are You Experienced Managing PPC Campaigns?

Absolutely. With every service we offer, our team has years of experience and working knowledge to manage your PPC campaigns. BluMedia always researches keywords that will attract the most sales opportunities for your company. We also make regular optimizations to your campaign to ensure the best PPC strategy is always in place

Web Design

Why Do I Need A Web Design Company?

In today’s world of intuitive tech, you might be tempted to use a do-it-yourself website builder platform. This can minimize your creative options to create a layout that has user-friendliness to match your site design. Uniqueness is also often lost when using cookie-cutter site design options, and a web designer can create a custom site that blends seamlessly with your brand message and visitor experience.

How Important Is A Mobile Friendly Website?

It’s more than important–it’s critical. With over half of search engine traffic deriving from smart and mobile devices, you cannot afford to miss out on these customers. Let our site design professionals show you how having an adaptive web experience will increase your traffic which boosts your sales.

Will You Evaluate My Current Website?

Customers that have an existing site and want to update or create new from scratch will have an audit conducted. Our team will analyze your current metrics, overall web page friendliness, current ranking, and so much more. We create a clear snapshot of where you are to better develop a path to where you want to be.

What Is The Average Time Line For Web Design Projects?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a set deadline for how long it takes to complete a web design project. Every company and overall marketing need is different. The dedicated account manager assigned to you will be able to give you a clearer timeline for completion before beginning your project.

Social Media Services

How Many Social Media Platforms Are You Familiar With?

While we work with all the major sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, we are also always managing accounts on smaller online communities too. There are very few social media platforms we aren’t familiar with already.

Is Social Media Work Really Necessary For My Business?

Yes, yes, and yes! In the online marketplace, many businesses are developing communities of customers, followers, and even influencers, to better their brand awareness efforts. Because of how well social media meshes with PPC and SEO efforts, it’s a must to develop your online social network presence.

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