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Discover how BluMedia Marketing's expertise in social media ads can solve your business problems and take your brand to the next level. As a top marketing agency in Pasadena, California, we understand the marketing pitfalls and have the solutions to drive exceptional results. Trust us to make your customers feel good about your brand through targeted social media advertising.

Facebook Advertising

Learn how we can help with Facebook Advertising and how this can help your business/brand generate awareness and grow to potential customers.

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Instagram Advertising

We know how to implement effective Instagram Advertising efforts that can help your business generate conversions and awareness.

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Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising is a great platform to diversify your reach and get in front of your potential customer. Learn how we can help you in this area.

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Pinterest Advertising

Learn how we can help with Pinterest Advertising and how this can help your ecommerce business excel through conversions and targeted reach.

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LinkedIn Advertising

Learn how LinkedIn Advertising can help with your B2B efforts on generating awareness and conversions for your business.

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Social media Building

How Our Social Media Advertising Agency Helps Your Business Reach

When a company wants to reach thousands of potential consumers cost-effectively, social media advertising ads and campaigns are a popular avenue. No matter your preferred online community platform, BluMedia has the expertise and strategy tools to maximize your engagement reach.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and even LinkedIn, are gold mines for lead generation and targeted demographic advertising.

Some of the ways we leverage social media marketing services to give your brand a voice are:

  • Run laser-focused campaigns to target your exact demographic
  • Email campaigns based off of your database of leads, previous customers, and referrals
  • Retargeting protocols to capture website visitors and convert to sales
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How We Can Help

Here at BluMedia Marketing, we show why social media marketing requires intelligent planning and implementation. We will not only education on how this process works but how to generate a maximized ROI for your invested dollars. Our advanced training and years of experience in the development of organic and paid audience strategies bring precision to your advertisement that you’ve never had before.

You can expect us to do some of the following to help you achieve an effective social media advertising plan:

  • Partner you with one of our talented social media managers
  • Learn every aspect of your brand and business goals
  • Create an advertising strategy that exudes your brand message
  • Develop engaging ads that people enjoy and want to click
  • Keep a vigilant eye on ad performance and optimize
    low-performing areas
  • Maintain open communication with you about the
    performance of your paid search ads

By reaching people immediately, your social media ads will earn faster results when it comes to generating more website traffic, followers, and overall engagement. BluMedia Marketing handles everything from ad design to customized themes to convey your brand message to visitors.

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The BluMedia Social Media Advertising Experience

Make the most of your social media marketing services every day by working with our team of digital marketing professionals conveniently located at our Pasadena, California headquarters. Not only do we bring years of experience backed by best practices when it comes to headlines, keyword analysis, and copy, but we understand the importance of:

  • Conversion optimization
  • Retargeting protocols to prevent wasted
    engagement opportunities
  • Bucket testing to determine the best approach on landing pages

We help you figure out what works for your company so that you save time, understand the process and successfully run your business

Whether you want to use Facebook’s popular platform to grab your audience, increase traffic, or target B2B/B2C markets, we are here to help you. Work with us to create a platform that is engaging and visually attractive to pull in consumers that want to know more about your brand, products, and services through Instagram and Pinterest. If you need to advertise toward executives and decision-makers, consider the customizable advertising strategies we can develop that will turn your LinkedIn market into a robust source of leads.

Increasing your social community presence through social media digital marketing is vital in today’s technological market trends. It takes more than just beautiful graphics to get your products and services trending within these social media platforms.
BluMedia Marketing is a social media advertising agency that can help you leverage this essential aspect of your advertising plan and teach you how to use it to your advantage.

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BluMedia Marketing Innovates Social Media Marketing Experiences

As a forward-thinking company, BluMedia doesn’t focus on one aspect of your social media marketing strategy at a time. We devote our focus to creating a complete platform of communication that helps professionals in any size business or organization to simplify and empower their online presence. Partnering with us means your team will be educated about the latest digital advertising strategies used today and that it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

You might wonder how we do this, and we are glad to share some of our standardized features and business practices below that influence our process:

  • Custom-tailored service bundles because one
    size does not fit all
  • Omni-level strategizing with a clearly outlined
    path to achieving goals
  • Educating and sharing with our clients the processes involved
  • Professionalism blended with high-value creativity
  • Determination to exceed our your expectations
  • Diverse background of clients and business models
  • Dedication to providing time and availability for client communication and planning
  • Hold our services to the highest quality of industry standards
  • Innovative, results-focused solutions
  • Digital and traditional marketing plans, campaigns,
    and branding for any budget

These examples are just a few examples of our dedication that makes us a trusted social media advertising provider to some of the most influential companies around Pasadena, California, and the world. These standards and approaches to our services are a natural part of our process that helps us to create results that help your business succeed.

We are offering a complimentary 30-Minute consultation for your business to connect with us and discuss your brand and advertising goals. Contact us today to find out how partnering with us can increase your market engagement through social media advertising.

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Our Clients Simply Love Our Work

5 Start Review

Josh at BluMedia exceeded my expectations. He was highly responsive, delivered top-notch ads, and truly cared about the success of my business. Despite being in different countries, I always felt like I had full access to him. His communication was professional yet friendly, and the level of support, customer service, and care was outstanding. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend working with Josh and the team at BluMedia.

Fixe Beuty CEO
Fixe Beauty
CEO & Founder
5 Start Review

BluMedia is amazing! They delivered impressive results for two of our projects, handling deadlines with ease and communicating effectively. Their work on our logos was particularly noteworthy. I'm so pleased with their services that I'll definitely be referring them to others.

Southwest Solar OP
Southwest Solar
Operations Menager
5 Start Review

Listens to the needs of his client and patient and knowledgeable. I liked the company so much I referred him someone else immediately. A wealth of knowledge!!!! Ethical and expert and professional.

Laurey Bennett levvi CEO
Laurey Bennett Levi
CEO & Founder
5 Start Review

Josh and his team have worked with us for over 2 years and addedeffective strategies to our social media outreach. They are so easy to work with. We will continue to seek their help on our projects!

Hospital CEO
St. Vincent Hospital
Director Of Outreach and Marketing
5 Start Review

Josh was very thorough while walking through his strategy and provided some great suggestions. He was also quick to communicate and had a great understanding of the project!

Avatar CEO Coca Cola
Amy Goldberg
Drone Training Company
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